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Delta Goodrem Lyrics

Not Me Not I

words & music by Delta Goodrem, Kara DioGuardi, Gary Barlow,
Eliot Kennedy, Jarrad Rogers

You mixed me up for someone
Who'd fall apart without you
Yeah you, broke my heart for the first time
But i'll get over that too

It's hard to find the reasons
Who can see the rhyme?
I guess that we where seasons out of time
I guess you didn't know me


If you think love is blind
That I wouldn't see the flaws between the lines
Surprised, that I caught you out
On every single time that you lied
Did you think that every time I see you I would cry?

No not me, not I, not I, no not me, not I

The story goes on without you
And there's got to be another ending
But yeah you, broke my heart
It won't be the last time
But i'll get over them too

As a new door opens we close the ones behind
And if you search your soul I know you'll find
You never really knew me


No not me, not I, not I, not I, not I

All you said to me
All you promised me
All the mystery never did believe
No I never cry, no I never not me, not I


No not I, I won't cry
No not me, not I, not I,
No not me, not I